Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tatty Stage One!

I just realized that I had NEVER followed up on my blog about the new tattoo!!! Well here it is... STAGE ONE (I still have 2 more sittings)...

I sat for 4 hours for this first stage... believe it of not, it's still not really as LARGE as I wanted it... but, Maybe when it's all done, I'll love it more...

The next couple of stages will consist of adding the stems and more shading in the petals... :) I love love love my tatty... :)

I think the FUNNIEST thing about this tattoo is, It's getting me a decent amount of 'play' hahahahaha... Since I got it, at least 3 gentlemen have expressed an interest in licking it... hahahahahah... That's weird... but... I guess an compliment right? hahahaha..

Tell me what you think!!! :)


Assertive Wit said...

pretty flowers!

my honey bee on my arm has encouraged men to say some of the most uncouth things I've ever heard from a random stranger; for instance:

"you like them big tattoos with all that detail; you must like it rough, huh"

really? why would I be discussing my sexual activity with a stranger? get outta here LOL

JaeSpenc said...

LMAO!!!! Wow... yeah they seem to have lost their minds... Some are welcomed ( from guys I like and respect )... but SERIOUSLY... STRANGERS are like " I wanna lick all over your flower "... what?!?


thanks :)

Young woman on a journey said...

its soooooooooo cute! can't wait to see the finished product.

JaeSpenc said...

Thankkkkkkkkkk you :)

Charles said...

I'm definitely diggin it so far. You plan on getting any more, I mean, after these next stages of this one are done?