Sunday, March 14, 2010

I C U!

So, my intuition is SUPER STRONG! It always has been... I can sniff out a liar from a MILE AWAY... My senses must be even more keen as of recent because I've sniffed out a couple of liars who actually lied for NO GOOD DAMN REASON!

I'm not going to go very DEEP w/ this... but I will say... be mindful of who you let onto your friendslist on Facebook. I know, it's just a social networking site... but, for some reason, people ( self included ) are more comfortable divulging things about themselves on Facebook than they were on Myspace or any other network... maybe because MOST of the people on my list, I ACTUALLY know...

I have a fair amount of friends who have reached out to me via friends I ACTUALLY DO KNOW... meaning, I don't know these people... but we KNOW someone in common. .. a few people have come at me or approached me on a personal interest level... and it has flourished into something that could have possibly gone somewhere..

... and then I started sniffing ...

sigh... please don't try to be a f/b player... lol... that game RARELY works... your network is too close to the surface and you WILL be found out... funnny funnny funnnnnnnny ;) I CU!


NightFall914 said...

Someone bother my tatted up buddy. I need to go handle them????